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Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer

Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer

Rene Clinic & Beauty Omelette Founding Shareholder

Reha Yavuzer was born in Ankara in 1969. After completing middle and high school education in T.E.D Ankara College, he studied medicine in Ankara University Medical School, in which he was accepted as the top student.  He finished third in his class and earned his medical doctor title in 1992. He continued his studies in the plastic surgeon field, between 1992-1998 at Gazi University Medical School, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.  Between 1998-1999, he completed a clinical fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Ian T. Jackson in the United States. During his time in the U.S, he attended numerous surgeries including aesthetic surgeries and reconstruction of the head and neck.

After returning to Turkey in September 1999, he started working as a lecturer at Gazi University. He became an assistant professor in October 2001. He went to the US again between 2003-2004 where he attended a Surgical Assistant program. After the took the exam in April 2004, he was awarded the title associate professor. He later on became a professor in May 2010. Dr. Reha Yavuzer published over 140 national and international articles. His scientific articles were cited more than 430 times from all over the world. Having attended many national and international Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery meetings, Dr. Yavuzer has contributed to over 200 scientific reports and has participated in numerous panels, hearings, workshops, and conferences. He iscurrentşy serves as a board director at the Turkish Plastic Surgery Association and is the member of 11 other national and international Scientific Associations.

Dr. Yavuzer who is primarily an expert in the fields of Aesthetic surgery, minimal invasive antiaging, craniofacial surgery, maxillofacial surgery , is currently an active staff of the Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital.

Dr. Yavuzer has founded Rene Clinic in 2013 and has since been providing services and organizes many trainings at Rene Clinic.


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