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Movie of the Week: Naples in Veils

Şeyda Nur Şal Kasım 4, 2018

As the season is growing colder slowly, the best thing to do in Istanbul is to enjoy the last days of the sun. But on the other hand, the most charming side of the fall-winter season is to have many art & culture events in the city. There are so many exhibitions to see, movies to watch, concerts to attend that it is impossible to get bored here, in Istanbul. You can spice your weekend activities up with our movie recommendation which just started to be screened in the theatres. Taking place in the magical streets of Italy, Naples in Veils, the latest movie of Ferzan Özpetek, captures your heart and takes you to another world.

In the storyline murder and love intertwine, hopes blends into disappointments, passions into delusions, reality into dreams and the dead into the living.

Your mind will be puzzled, as you feel like the protagonist with the help of the capturing soundtrack and try to solve the mystery of Naples.

Adriana & Adriana’s story starts at a party in Naples, and suddenly it turns into a murder investigation. But do not be mistaken, the film is not an ordinary thriller or a detective story, instead it’s a veil of mystery which a lot of characters, lives, and feelings are caught under it. The truth behind the hidden, the wreck that hope left, the disappointments caused by love… If you wish to hide away from the cold weather and visit Naples in the warm atmosphere of a movie theatre to witness a story which makes you feel every feeling in your core, then this film is just for you.

You’ll love Naples in Veils which became a blockbuster in Italy when it first came out in December 2017.

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