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Trend: Satin

Başak Taşdeğirmen Ekim 31, 2018

One of the most popular pieces of 2018 is satin dresses, skirts and shirts. Satin pieces became indispensable with their unique textures and dazzling colors, the minute they made their fast transition from runways to streets. You can combine them with other items easily both for night & day.

The most significant advantage of satin dresses and skirts is that you can use them during both winter and summer and that’s why we love them very much! In summer they look great with sandals, and in winter it is possible to create great combinations with jackets, cardigans, and jumpers. You can combine your satin shirts with jeans and cowboy boots to wear under your trench coats before the season passes.



You can obtain a sporty look by wearing satin skirts with sweatshirts or t-shirts. You can use your satin dress by itself in a party or to follow the street fashion you can combine it with a jacket or cardigan in daily use.


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