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The Rise of the Cowboy Boots

Başak Taşdeğirmen Kasım 5, 2018

Cowboy boots, one of the most favorite pieces of the 70’s, are making a big come-back. They managed to take over the street fashion in 2018-2019 Fall & Winter season and became the critical element of it. One of the most alluring pieces of the season, cowboy boots belong to a timeless style.

Fendi, Isabel Marant, Calvin Klein, and Armani gave a place to them in their new collections as they are suitable for all sorts of styles.


You can combine your boots with leather jackets, jeans and shabby chic style dresses to obtain a cool and timeless look. One of the most important things is not to over-do while you are combining cowboy boots with your outfits. Otherwise, you may have an exaggerated look. Best used with basic and calm pieces, you should give cowboy boots a try this season.


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