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Time to Get Rid of Your Tattoos

Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer Kasım 6, 2018

One out of every eight person who has tattoos already regret it. Sometimes we act before we think and we have to live with the consequences for a lifetime. Sometimes tattoos can be like that. They become a permanent part of us even though we like to get rid of them at one point. Of course, there are tattoos those we wish to carry on us for a lifetime but if you want to get rid of yours’, that is also possible.

What Shall We Consider Before Having a Tattoo

Nobody gets married to get divorced but before getting a tattoo, keep in mind that you may want to remove it in the future. First, you have to decide to the location of the tattoo; it is best not to prefer most visible areas on your body. Shoulders, back and legs are better than the face, neck and the arms in that sense. This way even if you keep your tattoo it won’t bother you very much as it is mostly hidden under your clothes. The shape is very crucial as well. It is best to avoid important forms or names. The most common tattoos those wanted to be removed are the names of exes, friends and big ones. The color is as important as its location and size. To erase yellow, red and green is much tricky than to erase black and its hues, and sometimes impossible. The hardest color to erase is green. The color pigments implanted too deep are very hard to wipe as well. It is best to work with a professional tattoo artist to have your tattoo close to the surface and leveled.

Using sterilized equipment, sanitary conditions and using ink designed for tattooing are the musts.

It is Possible to get Rid of your Tattoo

If you want to say goodbye to your tattoo one day, there are many things to be done. If you had your tattoo considering all the words written above, then your job will be more comfortable when you decide to part ways with your tattoo.

Laser Treatment

Q-switch laser technology is used for tattoo removal. The pain during the treatment will be reduced with anesthetic creams applied before the procedure. Then the pigment particles are blasted with strong laser energy. Then with time, the protective cells of the body remove the pigment particles by almost devouring them. Scabbing may occur after the treatment, and you can observe the color fading gradually within weeks. The sessions are repeated between 2-4 weeks depending on the recovery rate of the patient. The deeper the pigments are, the more sessions it will require to remove the tattoo. Laser treatment can last between 5 minutes to hours depending on the width of the tattoo. The patients can get back to their daily lives instantly, but the treated area should be kept away from the sun.

IPL Treatment

It is possible to use intense pulsed light to remove the tattoos by gradually desaturating their color.  Although its success rate is much lower than Q-switch laser, it is less painful and less expensive. It requires more sessions compared to laser treatments. (8-10 sessions)

Surgical Treatment

Small and colorful tattoos which don’t respond to laser treatment can be removed surgically. This should be the last option to consider as it will leave a scar behind.


An exfoliating method can be used for superficial tattoos if there are no suitable devices for laser treatments. It is entirely possible to develop scar tissue after this treatment. Today, dermabrasion is not one of the favorite methods for tattoo removal.

Chemical Treatment

There are creams with chemical ingredients for tattoo removal, but there are also a lot of questions about their reliability and effectiveness. Therefore, if you want your tattoo to be removed, it is best to visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.



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