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Cosmetic Surgeries Which Boost Self Confidence

Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer Eylül 12, 2018

We are part of a fast-changing world. Everywhere is within our range. The trade is not in just one country, but it is under a global roof. The borders are lifted regarding sports, arts, science, education and vacations and any activity you can think. Being a world citizen is lovely, dynamic and gives you many options. However, challenges are coming along with it. It is necessary to have full self-confidence and a high level of energy to stay on top in a very competitive environment and to fight. In his high-geared life, the time we spare to the people we meet in business and social lives is limited. This reminds us that the time spared for us is limited as well. To have self-confidence, you don’t have to be the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man in the world. Some adjustments and treatments help us to have an advantage in the journey of life. So, which treatments do men and women get to boost their self-confidence?

Nose Augmentation Surgery: Regarding the anatomical aspect, one of the primary reasons which disrupt self-confidence of both and women in Turkey is the nose shape. Regardless of gender, a big, arched or a droopy nose is the area we all want to correct. The researches show that, the ratio of getting married or changing jobs increase after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery: When it comes to the big-sized breast we think about women immediately but the most disruptive element of self-confidence in men after their noses, is having large breasts.  This situation, medically called gynecomastia can be easily fixed with fat removal surgeries. Men switching from wearing loose clothes with tight ones are the result of their happiness about the new look of their bodies.

Breast Enlargement Surgery: For women, not having enough breast tissue is as important as the shape of their noses regarding low self-confidence. The silicone breast implants surgery solves this problem when done suitable for their bodies.

Among all cosmetic surgeries, the breast enlargement surgeries are the ones which the patient’s happiness increase most. As a sign of enhanced self-confidence, the choice of clothes changes, the active roles in the work environment increase. The boosted self-esteem also shows itself through the marriage ratios increasing with the new skills of social relations.

Protruding Ears Surgery: The complaints about ears come third for both men and women. The protruding ears which are prominent than they should be are the reason to get mocked when we are children, but they are also self-confidence killers in the future ages. After protruding ears surgery, both men and women change their hairstyles, and there is an increase on wearing their hair short.

Fat Removal (Liposuction): Especially the excess fat in the hips area has a negative impact on the self-confidence of women. Even if they conceal them with loose clothes, they create a social pressure and becomes a source of unhappiness. It is possible to get rid of them for good through liposuction surgery. When the slimming process is completed six months after the procedure, a change in the clothing preferences is the sign of a boosted confidence.

Scar Revision: Visible scars can also be a source of unhappiness for both women and men. Whether operation or an accident causes them; choosing clothes to conceal these scars hurts self-confidence, especially during summer. Even though it is not possible to remove the wounds entirely, it is possible to diminish them significantly through scar revision surgeries and laser treatments. It is a fact that the self-confident increases when the scars are diminished.


After cosmetic surgeries, people become happier and have more self-confidence most of the time. The researches show us; the individuals become more sociable and more active in their careers. Of course, you can’t solve every problem in your life through cosmetic surgery, but it can help to make you feel better and boost your self-confidence.

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